Zubrowka Advertising

The world’s most famous Polish Vodka

Zubrowka’s home is the Białowieza Forest area in North East Poland. The last remaining, natural ancient Forest in Europe. Today the forest is protected by Unesco as a world heritage site. Europe’s last herds of wild roaming bison (Zubr in Polish) are found here. The Bison is the iconic symbol of Zubrowka. Deep in the wild forest grows ‘holy fragrant grass’ that the locals call Bison Grass. The Poles have revered its natural aromatic properties for centuries. The Bison Grass is handpicked by local families following traditions handed down across centuries.

Zubrowka is one of the top vodka brands in the world. Available in over 80 countries worldwide and is the 2nd largest polish vodka brand in the UK.

Over the past two years we have refreshed the multi-award winning Zubrowka brand. Developing it's illustration style to bring the forest to life. We have rolled out a very successful advertising campaign throughout France and developed a key visual for the Global Duty Free markets.  

Voted ‘Vodka Brand Champion’ by Spirits Business for 2 consecutive years – long may this success continue.