Client: SWIFT
Brand idea: Individual insights. Collective brilliance.

Few will have heard of SWIFT, but nearly all of us use or benefit from them every day. Created by and for the financial industry in 1973, they provide the technology platform and the products and services to allow 9,700 organisations in the global financial world to exchange information securely. 

The rebrand has meant a careful evolution of the marque, to protect their strong heritage. The striped colour represents it’s ‘messaging’ and acts as a visual interpretation of their work interconnecting cultures, countries, and clients seamlessly.

The perception of SWIFT has radically altered and SWIFT’s role in the financial world is well recognised: innovating new ways of working, enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and reducing risk. Bringing much needed confidence to an industry under pressure.

Project Scope: Global rebrand including strategy and positioning, logo and stationery, annual reports, product brochures, quarterly magazines, websites, advertising campaigns, product brochures, presentations and mnemonic all fully guidelined.

Agency Credit: Dragon Rouge