We’re idea specialists.

We believe that great ideas will add value to your business. Great ideas usually start as just ideas (and we have many of those) but only the strongest survive and they're the one's that become great. The big idea holds together your companies vision and how that vision communicates internally to your employees and externally to your client base and new business. We like to help our clients stand out, be clear about their offer and let their personality shine – on every touch point from print to online.  The big idea is core to what we do and creativity counts for everything.


Our founder and Creative Director Mark Teisler-Goldsmith has worked with some of London’s leading branding agencies and has over 15 years experience across a range of design disciplines within the world of branding. He leads a collaboration of talent at Studio Emphasis including strategists, copywriters, designers, illustrators and animators.

Brand strategy

We develop brand strategy that inspires creativity. From immersion; stakeholder interviews, strategic and visual audits, trends, customer journeys and market mapping through to brand definition; essence, vision, mission, values, personality, tone of voice and architecture.



‘Digital’ is no longer a work-stream that’s done in isolation. It is present in every aspect of brand communication. At Emphasis we create engaging visual digital experiences for brands across all their touch-points, from animated identities, to websites and e-commerce platforms.

Brand nurture

Brands are a whole lot more than just a logo. The most powerful brands mean something to people. This meaning leads to customers repeatedly buying that brand, even when it might be more rational to choose a cheaper option. We specialise not only in brand creation but also maintaining effective design across all communications from newsletters through to social media posts.

Brand identity

The effective brand identities we create have strong, easily understood, visual mnemonics that instantly convey the brand proposition and goals. We make sure the brand engages all the appropriate senses across all touch-points.



Your brand’s environment is an invaluable space to support your brand values and messaging. We create spaces that become brand experiences, from company offices and business parks, through to exhibition space and stores.