The Soldiers' Charity

Client: ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
Brand idea: For Soldiers. For Life.

From benevolence to relevance
For 66 years, the Army Benevolent Fund has been the UK’s principal charity for soldiers, providing support for active and retired personnel and their families in times of need. But the charity faces huge demands. Requests for assistance are increasing by as much as 30% a year. State support is declining and the long-term physical and mental impact of warfare is an open-ended obligation. To deliver on its promise to be there for soldiers past and present, the Fund set an ambitious new target to double its annual income to £14 million in five years.

Profound cultural change
Meeting this funding target demanded a profound change in culture and identity. We helped the Fund transform from a worthy but low-profile institution to a relevant current brand that resonates powerfully with growing public awareness and respect for soldiers and their families. A new name – ABF The Soldiers’ Charity – has injected a new sense of identity, a clear belonging and reinforced the brand promise, For Soldiers. For Life. The three-tier stacked ribbon visual speaks of continuity and resoluteness, while David Short’s powerful, documentary-style photography has brought a human face to the individual lives that donors can transform.

Capturing a new generation
We have worked on hundreds of pieces of collateral to put this resonant, single-minded identity at the heart of the organisation. An integrated awareness campaign has included viral, online and outdoor media, national press, plus also The Big Curry – an annual nationwide fundraising event that is now using social media to attract a new up-and-coming generation of awareness and support. Results have been tangible: since rebrand launch in early 2010, our work has helped achieve a 22% increase in corporate income and a 85% increase in donations for The Big Curry annual fundraising programme.

Agency Credit: Dragon Rouge